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RC - Futaba T8FG - Tips&tricks

09.06.2011, Happy, main   Bookmark and Share
Some of my notes related to Futaba T8FG 2.4GHz transmitter...

Futaba = reverse of throttle stick required, it's not a bug, it's a feature!

Servo monitor - DG1&DG2

Status indicators of 2 digital channels (on/off) DG1, DG2.

Replacing NIMH battery with LiPo battery

Any 2S Lipol which will fit inside, when 6.8V alarm appears, land your plane/heli immediately, because it is lowest and safest voltage for Lipo batteries. Better watch voltage and don't go bellow 7V.

When using Lipol batteries, charge allways outside the transmitter.

Alternate Switch option

This option enables toggle function for a switch, each time the switch is flipped, it's function is toggled (gear on/off etc.)

End point vs End limit

  • End Point defines point within servo travel where the servo will stop.
  • End Limit defines absolute max. servo travel.

Trim vs subtrim

Trim sets middle position while subtrim sets neutral position of servo.


Set timers to operate above idle motor setting to get proper motor flight time.

HW Setting

Reverses movement of the stick/switch, but doesn't reverse displaying, avoid unless explicitly required, use servo reverse instead.

AUX1... = virtual channels

T1-T4 = trim setting

VPP = Variable pitch prop = system for 4D aerobatics

Prog. mixes

  • Don't assign mix to any switch to make it permanent.
  • High/low rate values determine how far will slave servo in response to master (both directions, thus high/low rates)
  • Link option:
  • if set to (OFF), slave will respond only to master
  • (+), slave will respond to any control linked to master
  • (-), slave will respond to any control linked to master but in opposite direction
  • Trim option: when set (ON), trim will be propagated from master to slave


  • Aileron diffential: for sailplanes to better steering, for aerobatics models to maintain rolls.
  • ...

Throttle Hold Mix

Use one of available prog. mixes, set values as follows:

a) Switch to Throttle mix

  • Master: SC (or another switch)
  • Slave: Throttle
  • High rate: +100
  • Low rate: +100
  • Offset X: +0
  • Offset Y: -100

b) Throttle to Throttle mix

  • Master: Throttle (Trim ON)
  • Slave: Throttle
  • High rate: -100
  • Low rate: -100
  • Offset X: +0
  • Offset Y: -100


  • 7 Channel system: failsafe available only for channel 3 (throttle), allways set to F/S and OFF
  • Multichannel system: channel 3 set to F/S and OFF, all other channels set to F/S and required values.

Firmware, SD Card viewer

Firmware, Futaba File System Utility http://www.futaba-rc.com/software-updates.html


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