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Zeitgeist - Phenomenon

02.02.2009, Happy, main   Bookmark and Share
I wrote these thoughts about Zeitgeist in late 2007, but you know, there was REALLY no time to put it on the web:)  There was a lot of hype in late 2007 and the background was not so clear ...

Did you hear about the internet phenomenon Zeitgeist ? I did, so i wanted to see whats going on. After several seconds of searching i discovered, that Zeitgeist is a very special documentary movie, with the website, but without the author, with really controversary content, with huge hype around it and of course with some mysteries behind.

The Zeitgeist movie is divided into three parts, where in the first part is christianity mainly discussed. It comes up with new look on christianity origin and shows new look on religion and its mission. In addition there are also shown the relations between religion and money. The second parts discusess the 911 WTC disaster, it brings new point of view on and in overall it is about conspiracy theory. The last part shows our presence and of course our future, the end of this movie comes with suprising conclusion for many viewers.

In general is this movie far from professional production, but it doesn't matter beacuse it is free ;-) There is good timing in several parts between music and movie sequences, the commentary is good and some visual effects are high tech :)

Have to say, that Zeitgeist is really special documentary about our history, presence and future. It brings new facts to daylight and it puts old fashioned ideas and schemas into new relations and dependencies. They say, that this movie is something like "eye-opening", i think it is really interesting, you should take a view on it, but it is really up to you what will be your conclusion about it. Maybe that some facts and relations are real, but it is really hard to agree with it in overall. Do you like conspiracy theories ? This movie is a MUST for you :)

PS: About the controversity of this movie - for example Google reset view counter to remove it from the Google Video charts etc.

Homepage: http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/
Wikipedia entry:

Zeitgeist - The Movie: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-594683847743189197 (subtitles here)
Zeitgeist - Addendum:
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7065205277695921912 (subtitles here)

PS: You can simply download above movies by using simple bookmarklet, read more ...

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